New Year Predictions

I predict:

  1. That Legislature will avoid the hard work of reforming government in New York hoping instead that President Obama will solve the problem by flooding New York with stimulus cash.
  2. That Governor Paterson will give in and nominate Caroline Kennedy when he would rather find someone who he could work with and count on to represent New York in Washington.
  3. That the Legislature will attempt to tax “the rich” and wind up driving more businesses and more wealthy New Yorkers out of New York State.  P.S.: Those New Yorkers will be selling their homes to foreigners who don’t pay NYS income taxes.  After all what “rich” person would voluntarily move to NYS?!
  4. That the legislature will not put in place an independent budget office prefering instead to hide the waste, duplication and ear-mark bound present system of funding New York’s public sector.
  5. That efforts to help local governments reduce costs by sharing services or consolidating overlapping entities will show big results in those communities that make the effort, but that the pace will not pick up enough to deter the continuing exodus of young professionals and middle-class retirees to other parts of the country.
  6. That a compromise will be reached in capping property taxes, but it will not be enough to deter the exodus of young professionals and middle-class retirees…
  7. That the state’s public employee unions will not make necessary concessions to help state and local governments make it through the fiscal crisis even while watching what happens to the UAW when it tries to stand in the way of the tsunami of global economic change.  As a result, young professional and middle-class retirees…
  8. That the environmental movement will not back off positions that impede development in economically depressed regions of the state such as the Adirondacks, prefering to maintain the Adirondacks as a playground for the rich at the expense of year-round residents.
  9. That the Empire Page will make a major announcement in mid-year concerning the addition of more content for its paid subscribers.

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