Today’s Best Editorial

The best editorial in a NYS newspaper today comes from The Post-Journal in Jamestown on the topic of “Outdated, Expensive Government Must Go”.  The editorial approvingly quote a governor commenting in his state-of-the-state address on needless burden that the layers of local government which we have inherited from Colonial times represent.  The speaker was not Gov. David Paterson, but Franklin Delano Roosevelt speaking 78 years ago!

The problem is not that so little has been done in the ensuing years to eliminate those unnecessary layers of government.  The problem is that we have ADDED to those layers with hundreds of special districts and public authorities resulting in a bureaucratic nightmare that not only strangles the taxpayer but replaces quick and efficient decision making with delays, cost overruns, nepotism, graft and official corruption.

Congratulations to the Post-Journal for bringing the embarrassment of  New York’s failure to address this problem to the public’s attention and for encouraging the citizenry to turn out in numbers to campaign for reform.

The public is beginning to make their voices heard on the issue of consolidating government. Today’s Empire Page has several stories on meetings where consolidating or sharing services are being discussed.  The public needs to show up and demand results.


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