What is the Word I’m Looking For?

Help me. I’m having trouble describing the following person:

  • He is charged with failing to pay taxes on income derived from an off-shore property.
  • He used a rent-controlled property that he owns as an office in violation of rent laws.
  • He used official government stationery to solicit contributions to a school that will bear his name.
  • He reportedly preserved a tax break for an oil-drilling company in exchange for a $1-million contribution to the planned school.
  • He became indignant over the AIG bonuses one week after having opposed taxing the bonuses.
  • He has received more than $100,000 in campaign donations from AIG, which he justified as being no more than was received by “most of the senior members of the House and the Senate.”
  • He had solicited AIG for donations to his would-be school.
  • He is one of the most powerful men in the U.S. Congress – so powerful his colleagues are afraid to conduct the ethics investigation that he himself asked for to “clear his name.”
  • He said: “Dreams have been shattered and homes have been lost because a small group of executives were motivated by greed rather than preserving a system that America and the world depended upon.”

How can you describe someone who has enriched himself at the public expense, very likely violated numerous laws as well as the code of ethics that applies to members of Congress and then has the audacity to gang up on a group of people who have not been accused of violating any laws and who by all accounts were not the ones responsible for the financial crisis facing AIG?  Words fail me.


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