Poll Supports Cuomo Plus Today’s Best Editorials

The voters in last week’s Poll Question of the Week on the Empire Page strongly believe that Andrew Cuomo will be New York’s next governor.  Seventy-eight percent feel he definitely or most likely will be the next governor.

This week we’re asking the public whether the gay marriage bill introduced this past week by Gov. Paterson will be signed into law in 2009.  You don’t have to be a subscriber to the Empire Page to vote in our polls.

The editorial writers at the Glens Falls Post Star and Jamestown Post-Journal earned their pay this week-end.  Their contributions top my list of the best editorials of the day.

The memory of April 15 must have been in the minds of the Post-Journal editorial writers this week because they want to know what we are getting for all those tax dollars we’re sending to the state and federal government?  They point out that the IRS is collecting more money than ever before  — $2.7 trillion in 2008 — a 36% increase in five years.   On top of that in New York we are funding such things as big raises for Gov. Paterson’s staffers while the state’s infrastructure is in need of repair.  Even at the local level the Post-Journal reminds us our tax dollars are going to entitlements, including health insurance for part-time Chautauqua Co. legislators, when they might be spent on needed services.

If you think things should change in New York, you could be placing your hopes on seeing some new faces in elected office.  If so, however, you may not have studied the state’s election laws lately.   As the Glens Falls Post Star’s editorial board notes, “the state’s arduous ballot access regulations…prevent or discourage candidates from running for office.”  They review several bills currently being considered by the Legislature that would reduce the number of signatures required for gaining a place on the ballot or make it more difficult for the powers that be to throw challengers off the ballot over minor flaws in their petitions.

Change in New York needs to start with making it easier for reformers to run for office.  Read the Post Star’s editorial and let your state legislators know you favor passage of measures that make our state more democratic than it is today.


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