New York Government Communicators — Where Are You?

On Wednesday (April 22) I attended the spring workshop of Virginia Government Communicators.  This is an outstanding organization which is playing an vital role in assisting people with communications responsibilities — primarily in local government — identify best practices, learn about new technologies  and network with their peers.

IMHO there should be a government communicators group in every state of the country, but since I know New York State the best, I’ll focus on NY.   Given the increasingly critical role that communicators play in government at all levels and the ever increasing demands they face in their jobs, the formation of a New York Government Communicators association is long overdue.

In Virginia membership has shifted from people employed by state agencies to folks who have communications responsibilities for school districts, local electeds as well as county and city health, transportation, law enforcement and other agencies.

Do you work in local government or know someone who does?  If so, pass this along to your communications staffers and ask them to get back to me if they’d like to help form a New York Government Communicators association.


One Response to New York Government Communicators — Where Are You?

  1. The correct link for Virginia Government Communicators organization is

    There is a national membership organization for government communicators, which takes a fairly traditional approach to government communications while using digital technology:

    There is also an digital community for e-government communicators that emphasizes interactive government communications with technologies like Web 2.0: People can follow digital communities on Twitter:

    A fairly substantial number of NY government entities lack staff to handle communications. Many have turned to Digital Towpath go give them a web presence without a communications staff. Some entities use the service more successfully than others.

    Linda Aragoni

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