Poll Question and Best Editorial of the Day

Once again there was no doubt in the views expressed by visitors to the Empire Page about a NYS political issue. After the governor and Legislature passed the state-mandated payroll tax to support the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, we asked our readers what they thought about it. 63 percent think it’s a “very bad” solution and an additional 23 percent rated it as “poor”. Only 15% of those who voted think it is a good or very good plan.

This coming week we’re asking visitors to vote on whether it’s time to raise the ceiling on the allowable number of charter schools in New York. Our motivation was an editorial in the New York Daily News that reports on a new study that debunks the concept that charter schools get better results because they selectively get the better students (or students with motivated parents). So whether you believe charter schools are a good thing or think New York needs to retain the present ceiling, go to the home page and express your opinion.

The most interesting editorial of this weekend was in Saturday’s New York Times. Entitled “Gov. Paterson’s Performance,” the Times summed up what many of us — myself included — have been saying for the past several months — namely that the governor needs to back up his rhetoric with actions. “Instead,” the Times writes “he has ceded too much power to his former colleagues in the Legislature.”

We’ve urged the governor to forego all consideration of getting re-elected and follow his instincts which seem to be in line with what the public is asking for — whether we’re talking about runaway property taxes or trimming excess fat from the layers of state government. While compromise is essential when you’re a member of a legislative body, it’s not what’s needed from a governor who needs to lead, not follow. Perhaps the governor will listen when it’s the Times that’s doing the talking and not just a bunch of lowly bloggers and small city editorial writers.


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