Future Stock and Poll Question of the Week

Alvin Toffler tried to shock us into thinking about the future — his version of it in any case, but did the lesson take? How often do we stop to think where all this (however you want to define this) is heading? Don’t we prefer to assume that the future is going to look just like the past…only better?

Paul Bray, author of the Empire Page’s exclusive Eye from Albany blog, thinks its time to recognize we’re at a watershed when it comes to our public instititutions. In the first of what promises to be a very interesting series, Paul examines the implications for the poverty of the public sector on parks. Why parks you might ask? “State parks as we know them are unlikely to survive into the future,” Bray states. Read his blog to find out what’s at stake and what our state parks might look like in the not to distant future.

Poll Outcome

Last week we asked our readers to tell when they thought the 2009 NYS Legislative session would end. A plurality voted for December — essentially meaning it will not end until the next one starts with July coming in a close second. Only one in five think it will end this coming week — the scheduled closing.

The week we’re asking about a facet of the national health insurance debate: should people in the U.S. illegally be eligible for public health insurance? Have an opinion? Click here to vote.


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