Poll Question of the Week

During the week of August 2, Empire Page visitors were able to vote on whether they feel a constitutional convention for New York State is a good idea. Sixty-three percent said yes; 29 percent said no; 8 percent were uncertain. Coincidently Republican Assembly leader Brian Kolb endorsed the concept.

The week we’re giving readers a chance to vote on an Executive Order issued by Gov. Paterson calling for the review of state regulations. The first agencies to undergo the review process are the departments of Health, Labor, Environmental Conservation, Ag and Markets, Taxation and Finance and the Dept. of State as well as the State Liquor Authority. News reports such environmental activists are worried that this will open the door to letting power plants cut restrictions on their greenhouse gas outputs while the State Business Council’s president praised the governor. How do you feel abou the issue? Vote on our home page.


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