Interview with Brian Sampson

In case you missed the press release or email sent out Sunday night, the Empire Page has published an interview with Brian Sampson, the executive director of Unshackle Upstate.

In the interview Sampson answers questions about UU’s views on capping property taxes, how Gov. Paterson has been doing in helping the upstate economy and how UU can effect change when Albany (i.e.-the Governor and Legislature) are controlled by downstate Democrats?

Recent news reports indicate that New York’s economy is recovering slower than other parts of the country. That is creating a tremendous problem for NYS government as tax revenues continue to fall short of projections. As Tom Precious wrote this weekend in the Buffalo News, the shortfall includes less money from people who earn over $200,000 a year — the group Democratic lawmakers were counting on to fund New York’s deficit. Facing an admitted $2.1 billion shortfall the Legislature will return to Albany in September faced with having to raise taxes and fees or cut spending.

What will they do? Let’s review what our political leaders have done in the past? Creative bookkeeping, one-time solutions and tax the rich. What will they do if none of those approaches work in 2009? Gov. Paterson has already (and some would say foolishly) closed the door to reducing the size of the state workforce. What’s left to cut? The correction officers union have one suggestion. Watch for our interview with Donn Rowe, president of NYSCOPBA, coming soon.


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