Poll Question Wrap Up

Last week we asked Empire Page readers to tell us if they agreed with Pres. Obama’s involving himself in NYS politics. Fifty-seven percent said ‘no,’ 26% said it was okay and 17% said it “depends”.

Some explain the White House interference arguing that with Paterson at the head of the ticket in ’10, the Democrats could lose Gillibrand’s seat, House seats as well as control of the State Senate. Even so, many like the Kingston Daily Freeman’s ed board and Empire Page readers found the public manner in which Obama undercut Paterson to be distasteful.

Newsday’s James Madore pointed out that one result of Obama’s message could be reducing Paterson’s position at the bargaining table with the State Legislature in addressing the now $3.0 billion 2009-2010 deficit. If Paterson is on his way out, the Legislature can virtually ignore him and dare him to veto a plan that they concoct.

This week we’re asking your opinion about a concept put forth by State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli who would remove the potential for comptroller candidates being unduly influenced by campaign contributions by making elections for comptroller publicly funded. Go to the home page to vote yea or nea on the concept.


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