Poll Question of the Week: Will Rudy challenge Kirsten?

Last week we asked our readers if they agreed with Eric Holder’s decision to try KSM (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) and his cohorts in federal court in NYC rather than by a military court? Only 36% of those who voted agreed with Holder; 59% disagreed and 5% had no opinion.

This week we’re asking you if Rudy (Guiliani) will challenge Kirsten (Gillibrand) for New York’s junior Senate seat? If he announces his decision before the end of the polling period (next Sunday, November 29), we’ll find another question for you to consider.

Ten things we have to be thankful for:

1) Andrew Cuomo for pushing government consolidation and not just attacking Wall Street.

2) John Sampson for stepping into the leadership void in the Senate.

3) Tom DiNapoli for being ten times the Comptroller his predecesor was without stealing from the voters while doing it.

4) David Paterson for trying to do his job with little leverage over the Legislature.

5) Doug Hoffman for giving conservative voters in the 23rd district a choice.

6) Bill Owens for running a thoughtful, clean race.

7) Unshackle Upstate for not letting the Legislature forget about upstate.

8) Siena College Research Institute for their monthly political polls.

9) WCNY for giving Susan Arbetter a platform.

10) My 4 editors (Janet, Linda, Joe and Greg) who get up early in the morning to provide 300+ links to news stories, editorials and columns on NYS gov’t & politics.

Ten things we are not thankful for:

1) The reckless self-serving June coup and its leaders.

2) The leaders of the Assembly and Senate who negotiated a budget last spring that was irresponsible in raising spending.

3) Governor Paterson for signing last spring’s budget.

4) The leaders of the Legislature who continue to try to raise money to balance the state budget with gimmicks and one-shots instead of having the courage to cut spending.

5) Local government officials who refuse to face the reality of the current fiscal climate.

6) Local officials who put their own interests ahead of the public’s by refusing to consider the benefits that sharing services and government consolidation offer.

7) The state’s newspaper editorial writers who criticize the Legislature without being willing to take a stand on issues such as where to cut spending or how to cap escalating property taxes.

8) The people going back 2 or 3 admininstrations who approved spending $22 billion of Highway Funds on projects for which they were not intended.

9) The managers at Newsday, the NY Post and other media websites who allowed their programmers and web designers to create websites that sacrifice content for the sake of design.

10) AOL, Yahoo and the other email service providers that block the Empire Page’s emails to our subscribers and friends.

On balance we’re thankful for all of our subscribers and friends. Have a happy!


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