Poll Q of the Week

More than a third of those who participated in last week’s Poll Question of the Week on the Empire Page, do NOT think Rudy Guiliani will run for US Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand and only 55% think he will.

This week we’re asking you if Gov. Paterson should freeze state salaries as a one means to balance the state’s 2009-10 budget and get a head start on reversing the projected $20 billion budget gap the state is facing over the next 2 & 1/2 years? That’s the recommendation of John Faso, former state legislator and 2006 Republican candidate for governor in an op-ed in the Albany Times Union.

Faso’s other recommendations are to freeze state aid to schools for at least 2 years, enact a “less generous” pension plan for new public employees — something Gov. Paterson has also put forth, eliminate the ability of the gov. and Leg. to incur new debt w/o voter approval, adopt a property tax cap and “sweep away state laws that only serve special interest…especially those that are related to labor negotiations and building construction.”

Upcoming listen to Capitol Pressroom Friday on WCNY for my discussion with host Susan Arbetter of two books on political philosophy that were written after Bush’s victory in 2004: Ronald Dworkin’s “Is Democracy Possible Here?” and George Lakoff’s “The Political Mind.” The program starts at 11 AM.


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