Top Editorial & Poll Question of the Week

Last week we asked Empire Page readers whether Governor Paterson should act unilaterly to close the budget deficit that the Legislature failed to fix? 56% of our readers said ‘Yes’ while only 22% said ‘No.’ Another 22% said it depended on what the Governor did to close the gap.

This week we want you to study the tea leaves or look into your crystal ball — which ever method you like to employ to see the future — and tell us which of the state’s 5 largest political parties will have a banner year? Vote on our home page.

Top Editorial for Sunday December 13

The Glens Falls Post Star gets my vote for producing the best editorial of the day. In “State has reached the crisis point,” their editorial board keeps us focused on the major issue of the day, which is not the conviction of Joe Bruno or even gay marriage, but rather the fact that New York is out of money and the old ways of dealing with these periodic crises will not work.

If you want further evidence check out the statement Comptroller DiNapoli issued on Friday in which he says we have more obligations to pay in the remainder of the month of December than we have cash on hand.

With $1.739 billion on hand we have $634 million in pending payments AND scheduled payments of $2.5 billion for School Property Relief, $1.6 billion due THIS WEEK for school aid and $461 million owed municipalities.

To me that adds up to needing more than $5 billion with less than $2 billion available.

“It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that property taxes could double in the next few years if government at all levels refuses to address the issues head-on,” the Post Star writes. If that comes about the National Guard might have to be brought out to control traffic on the highways out of the state!

What do you think we should do? Stay tuned for the views of the Empire Page’s columnists.


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