New Poll Question & New Interview

In keeping with our goal of interviewing people running for statewide office in 2010, we interviewed labor activist Jonathan Tasini who hopes to primary Kirsten Gillibrand for the US Senate seat that she was appointed to.

We are also asking you to gaze in to your crystal ball and tell us who you think the Democratic Party nominee for that seat will be in 2010? Will it be Gillibrand or Tasini or perhaps Bill Thompson who did better than predicted in his run for NYC mayor?

Last week 37% of our readers told us the Republican Party will have a banner year in 2010; 25% think the Conservative Party will have a great year; 21% like the Democrats’ chances while 11% think it’s the Independence Party’s year. Only 6% see 2010 as the Working Families Party’s year.

Personally I think the Empire Page will have a banner year with more interviews, more roundtables, more news stories served to more subscribers than in 2009. Help me make it so by inviting your friends and colleagues to subscribe. Our standard rate is less than a quarter a day. Subscription links can be found on our home page.


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