Poll Question: Spitzer and Ethics

Last week we asked our readers whether they care about what disgraced former Governor Eliot Spitzer has to say about NYS politics. First, you may wonder why we asked the question. The answer is simple — Spitzer is trying to interject his voice and some media outlets are listening.

In particular, Alan Chartock, publisher of The Legislative Gazette and chairman of WAMC, wrote that New York needs Spitzer’s “fine mind” more than he needs us. Well the readers of the Empire Page respectfully disagree. 71 percent are not the least bit interested in what Spitzer has to say; 13 percent said it depends on the topic; 9 percent said they might listen if it’s a “slow news day,” and 8% are always interested in what the former AG and former governor has to say.

What do I think? I’d say Prof. Chartock is 100% wrong. Mr. Spitzer needs us to forgive him and allow him to regain some of his stature much more than we need to know his views. In fact, I’d be suspicious that anything Mr. Spitzer says is not an objective impartial statement, but rather an attempt to attract news coverage and make his views wanted.

This Week’s Poll Question

Gov. Paterson outlined his ethics reform plan in his state of the state. This week the majority party leaders of the Senate and Assembly introduced their plan. Thus far, the state’s editorial writers are finding considerable shortcomings in the Legislative leaders’ proposal. Examples:

Albany Times Union: New ethics rules need more work

NY Daily News: A great big nothing: The Legislature’s idea of reform isn’t even a joke

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: Albany Legislature’s ethics reform proposal needs work

Watertown Daily Times: Ethics plan Little progress in N.Y. legislative proposal

Only the Syracuse Post Standard gives it luke-warm praise: The best thing about the New York Legislature’s ethics reform package is that it has a chance of passing

What do you think? Grade the Dems Ethics plan by voting in this week’s poll question of the week.


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