Merger Movement Mainstreams

When a topic shows up in the “Intelligence Report” section of Parade Magazine, that’s a sign that it’s something average citizens are paying attention to. Such we hope is the case for municipal merger movement which is not only on the agenda in some communities in NYS, but apparently also in places like Natchdez, Miss.

Speaking of merging government entities, Gov. Paterson missed a major opportunity to promote consolidation of school districts in his budget. While I support the progressive nature of his $1 billion state-aid cut — putting more of the burden on rich districts, there should have been a provision rewarding districts that either merge or start sharing services. Providing a financial incentive is the win-win way to get district administrators out of their parochial mind-sets. Of course, the public has to rally behind the cause as well, but when they recognize that holding up consolidation means higher school taxes most people will give up the notion that small school districts are better for their children.


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