Poll Question Update

How do our readers rate Gov. Paterson’s budget? Our poll question for the week of January 25 drew mixed responses. 30 percent gave the governor an “A” or a “B” on his 2010-11 budget while 32 percent thought it deserved an “F” and 38 percent scored it a “C” or “D”.

Wine Sales Redux

Last year a proposal by Gov. Paterson to allow wine to be sold in supermarkets was met with a hostile reception from the state’s liquor store owners. They managed to ward off the assault on their revenue. This year the Gov. is back with a slightly revised proposal which seeks to respond to some of the opponents’ criticisms.

In the bill sponsored in the Senate by Liz Krueger, liquor stores would be allowed to stay open longer hours, sell directly to restaurants and other retailers, sell complementary items that they are not allowed to sell today. Further to head off eroding support from the state’s wine industry, the new proposal would dedicate some of the revenues taken in by the licensing fees for stores that want to sell wine directly to promote New York wines.

Vote this week on the home page of the Empire Page on whether you like or dislike the Governor’s revised wine sales proposal.


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