Recent Poll Questions

On February 10, the Long Lake Town Board in Hamilton County in the heart of the Adirondacks voted 3 to 2 in favor of a resolution calling for the abolition of the Adirondack Park Agency (APA). The complaint voiced by Supervisor Craig Seaman is that the APA has assumed responsibilities that it was not given by law — namely that it is functioning as a legislative body when it was created to be a regulatory agency. The two members of the Town Board who voted against the resolution did so because they favor reforming the APA rather than abolishing it.

The views of the members of the Long Lake Town Board reflects the sentiment of the majority of year-round residents of the Adirondacks who are increasingly dismayed by the APA’s rulings and methods.

The Empire Page is asking our readers to vote on the issue of whether the APA should be abolished, reformed or left alone. In so doing we are confident that we are introducing the issue to the majority of our readers because despite its enormous power, the APA is one of the least covered governmental agencies in NYS. Other than media located in the Park, the APA gets very little press coverage although its rulings impact every tax payer in the state of New York whether they set foot in the Park during their lifetimes or not.

Recent Polls on SUNY cuts, Wines Sales & the Stimulus Spending

Empire Page readers were asked from February 1-8 to vote on the Governor’s most recent wine sales proposal. You may recall that a year ago Gov. Paterson introduced the notion of permitting stores that currently are licensed to sell beer to sell wine. The plan called for licensing fees that would generate needed revenues for the state’s coffers.

The state’s 2,000+ liquor store owners were able to beat back that proposal last year only to see it brought back again in the Governor’s 2010-11 budget with some modifications designed to mitigate the impact on liquor store owners should the measure gain legislative approval. Our readers voted 48% against the new plan with 42% in favor. Five percent think the governor’s plan could be improved and 5 percent have no opinion.

From February 8 to 18 more than 1100 people came to the Empire Page to vote on the question whether Gov. Paterson’s proposal to cut $118 million from the SUNY and CUNY budgets should go through. Eighty-seven (87) percent of those who voted dislike that concept while only 12 percent approved.

From February 18 through 24 we asked readers whether they thought the federal stimulus monies were being spent wisely in NYS? Only 13 percent said ‘yes,’ 23 percent were uncertain and a whopping 64% said there was too much waste involved in NY’s use of those funds.

What question would you like to see us ask our readers? Send an email to and we’ll consider your suggestion.


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