High Salaries

It’s interesting to compare the response of people who are horrified at the high salaries and bonuses that some corporate executives earn when confronted with a similiar situation in the public sector. Take for example the response to the fact that the second highest paid employee of the state of New York is Alain Kaloveros, senior vice president and CEO (!) of the College of Nanonscale Science and Engineering at the University of Albany.

In a recent news story about the high salaries being paid to professors and others working in nanoscience a Mohawk Valley official stated “his salary has to be competitive with what people of his stature are getting.”

Another person stateed “He’s pretty high profile. He’s so much more than just a professor. He …raised hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Aren’t these the same arguments heard in justifing large corporate salaries? What’s good for the goose ought to be good for the gander.


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