Economic Development: What’s Needed?

To learn what the people involved in economic development across NYS think is needed to get NYS moving again, I interview Brian McMahon, exec. dir. of the NYS Economic Development Council for the Empire Page.

My interview with Brian can be found at


One Response to Economic Development: What’s Needed?

  1. javsnyc says:

    His low poll numbers, the reports of his high office hi-jinx and finally his failure to sustain a campaign have ended David A. Paterson’s New York political career for the foreseeable future. New Yorkers need to concern themselves with the damage Paterson does on his way out.

    The state cannot tax its way to prosperity. People prefer a government that looks towards their benefit. Officials elected or looking to be elected in New York must present ways to promote economic health of the state. In the same way a family works together in the time of economic hardship, the state must do more with less. Innovation, not taxation should be public policy number one.

    The Service Employees Internal Union (SEIU) 1199 has channeled millions of dollars into a campaign for a new sugared beverage tax on New Yorkers. That is what created this Alliance for a Healthier New York, but SEIU should take care of involving itself in politics. Back in 2003, the SEIU chastised AFL-CIO for being overly involved in the elections. Now in 2010, it is hypocritical that they should be involved in a campaign to burden New Yorkers with a new tax.

    The SEIU should be asked to stop their interference in the budget of New York. The taxation of the general public is not and should not be the purview of a labor union. The SEIU 1199 doesn’t pay these taxes, New Yorkers do.

    Pennies add up to the difference between scraping by and down-right poverty. Economic health is physical health. Stress, especially long-term stress like financial hardship, induces obesity, heart disease and a host of other body aliments. SEIU and their supporters would do well to remember that in their speeches about wanting to improve the health of New Yorkers.

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