Poll Q Update

Conjugal Visits

Last week we asked Empire Page visitors and subscribers if they are in favor of prison conjugal visits. The question was raised when Gov. Paterson included $778,000 in the 2010-11 state budget to purchase two double-wide trailers for that purpose. Our readers were heavily opposed — 86 percent of the nearly 500 people who voted oppose conjugal visits and presumably the expenditure while only 12% voted in favor.

GOP Nominee

When NYS GOP convenes in June will they endorse a candidate for governor? If so, who will it be — Rick Lazio, who has been endorsed by the Conservative Party executive committee, Carl Paladino, the Tea Party’s favorite, or Steve Levy, the Suffolk County Executive who is leaving the Democratic Party to run? Vote on the Empire Page now.


One Response to Poll Q Update

  1. Douglas Boettner says:

    The Republicans, in order to be taken seriously and gain back some credibilty, need to settle on a single candidate without a divisionary primary. Ed Cox who is the State Republican Chair is throwing his support behind Steve Levy, the party should then rally around that choice. In my opinion.

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