Furlough? 60% yes; 37% no

The readers of the Empire Page are with the governor on his furlough plan by a 60 to 37 percent margin. But when will New York have a budget? By June 1 or will it take until July 1, or August 1 or September 1? Vote when you think the Legislature will get their act together.


One Response to Furlough? 60% yes; 37% no

  1. Douglas Boettner says:

    As I opined before, the usefulness os public employee unions has passed. They are not acting for the good of the employees they supposed represent, they are acting in their own best interests. It was my opinion as a former state employee, who also has a wife who is a current state employee, that it would be a smarter thing to give up the 4% raise due in April than to have state employees laid of or the entire group furloughed.

    In was also my opinion that if the union surveyed it’s membership, they would opt for giving up the 4% raise as the best alternative. The union has yet to survey it’s membership to find out what they would prefer. It is my understanding the unions are there to serve its members and those members pay in many millions of dollars in dues each year for that representation, but they have not been asked to vote on what alternate they would prefer.

    It’s time for public employee unions to wake up to the fiscal situation NYS is in and become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

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