Poll Questions of the Week

Last week we ran two polls — when one of them became moot mid-week. The first question was whether NYS should loan NYRA $25 million to save the summer racing season. Fifty-nine percent voted against the loan; thirty-seven percent approved it and four percent had no opinion. The Legislature went ahead with the loan for a variety of reasons some of which we discussed in our interview with Bennett Liebman of the Government Law Center at Albany Law School.

Once that issue had been resolved we asked our readers whether they think redistricting reform will become a reality in 2010. They were very pessimistic about the chances — 86 percent do not think it will happen; 11 percent said it will and 3 percent have no opinion. We are slightly more optimistic because if Legislative leaders take a look at this measure it can only work to their benefit if they approve it. By “reforming” the process, the Legislature doesn’t give away its final say over the measure and it can give itself a bit of cover by creating a commission that puts its stamp of approval on new district lines every ten years.

This week we’re asking if the Commissioner of the Office of Family and Child Services Gladys Carrion should be fired. There have been several disturbing reports about the state’s youth prisons including one claiming a sex party was held at the Goshen Secure facility. Whether you think these reports are bad enough to warrant Carrion’s losing her job or not, vote this week on our home page.


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