Mid-Week Poll Question

Comptroller DiNapoli put an end to the discussion about borrowing from the state pension funds to solve the budget crisis — a decision supported wholeheartedly by Empire Page readers 86 percent of whom voted against the concept versus 12 percent who supported the idea so we closed that poll and started a new one.

The issue of microstamping as a means of identifying a weapon used in a crime has gotten a lot of discussion this past week. Mayor Bloomberg and other government officials lobbied hard in Albany for passage of legislation that would have required gun manufacturers to microstamp a number on the firing pin of every gun so that police could identify the weapon by examining the shell cartridge. Opponents include the gun manufacturers who don’t want the added cost and gun owners who are suspicious of the motives of those who support the measure. The bill in the NYS Senate was withdrawn in the middle of a floor vote this past week, but may come up again in the future. So what do you think — should this technology be used to help catch people who use guns in crimes? Vote at http://www.empirepage.com.


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