Who Can Bear Up to July Highs?

The weather has been sweltering on the East Coast and that hasn’t made it any easier for the state’s politicians to concentrate on the job at hand — passing a balanced budget. They had better start paying attention soon because November’s cold winds may sweep incumbents out of both Albany and Washington.

The hint of redistricting is in the air. Check out two pieces this weekend in the Washington Post: on Saturday the column — “Opening the curtain on redistricting” — by Michael McDonald, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and Micah Altman, a senior research scientist at Harvard, and on Sunday, the analysis piece by Dan Balz — “Long-term structural changes start at state level.” As I’ve stated all year, the battle for the NYS Senate is the most important electoral contest going on in NYS because whomever ends up in control will determine the district lines for Congressional and Legislative seats through 2020!

Poll Questions: Budgets and Taxes

We asked you whose budget plan you liked the best — the Governor’s or the Legislature’s and you said neither. More than 50 percent of those who voted rejected both plans while the Legislature’s budget proposal garnered just 14 percent of the vote to 31 percent who like Gov. Paterson’s budget.

This week we’re asking you about the Sugar Tax: the 18% tax on soda and other sugary drinks containing less than 70% fruit juice proposed by Governor Paterson and supported by Mayor Bloomberg. Alan Chartock likes it. Do you? Vote today on the home page.


One Response to Who Can Bear Up to July Highs?

  1. Douglas Boettner says:

    Redistricting is something whose time is long overdue.
    In fact, the need for a constitutional convention is something whose time is overdue. Our state legisltors have become out of touch with what the people really want from their legislatie body. Taxpayer activitism has never been higher and we will see just how high it is when the November elections roll around. Our elected representatives need a major wak up call.

    As far as oue legislators over-regulating our personal lives has to come to an end. Trying to over-tax what we eat and drink and smoke has reached the level of being ridiculuous. If I choose to drink soda with sugar in it or to smoke cigarettes or cigars is my God-given right. Our founding fathers have to be turning in their graves to see where our laws have taken us. As Howard Beale screamed in the movie Network in 1976, “I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!”

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