Dems AG race down to 2?

In an act of abject humility, Eric Schneiderman’s campaign people are saying that the NY Times endorsement of their candidate eliminates Eric Dinallo, Sean Coffey and Dick Brodsky from the AG’s race, narrowing the field to Schneiderman vs. Kathleen Rice. (If they were less humble, they could have said that the Times endorsement meant Senator Eric was a shoe-in.)

The truth of the matter is that it’s still anyone’s race. The NY Daily News (and Crain’s New York) endorsed Eric Dinallo and the fact that Sean Coffey has raised nearly as much money as Rice means those two cannot be counted out.

My guess is that Schneiderman is now pressuring Dick Brodsky to drop out and give him his endorsement. That could help more than the Times endorsement — particularly in Westchester County.

Whoever wins the primary will have to count on Andrew Cuomo’s coattails to win in November, given that the general public is not paying much attention at all to this race. (See early results of Empire Page poll for evidence.)

None of the candidates are well known throughout the state and the GOP’s candidate Dan Donovan should be able to paint Eric Schneiderman as a flaming leftist, making Schneiderman the weakest of the 5 contenders should he make it past the primary.


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