Empire Page Interviewees Win . . . and Lose

This summer the Empire Page tried to contact and interview virtually every major and most minor party candidates for statewide office (US Senator, governor, attorney general and comptroller). Some of the candidates were too “busy” (read too disorganized and too underresourced) to participate despite the fact that our questions were ones that any candidate should be able to answer off the top of his/her head. So, let’s look at the results.

  1. We interviewed Jay Townsend (who is running against Chuck Schumer). Gary Berntsen couldn’t get his act together. Townsend won.

  2. We interviewed Joe DioGuardi (who is running against Kirsten Gillibrand). David Malpass and Bruce Blakeman couldn’t find the time. DioGuardi won.

  3. We interviewed Dan Donovan. He’s still in the race (for AG).

  4. We asked Sean Coffey, Richard Brodsky, Kathleen Rice and Eric Dinallo for interviews. None took advantage. They all lost.

Okay. Our record wasn’t perfect. We interviewed Rick Lazio, but couldn’t get Carl Paladino’s attention.

We also interviewed Dr. Scott Noren, Randy Credico and Jonathan Tasini. Their answers to our questions proved their worth.

But we haven’t given up.

Watch for more interviews with candidates, news makers, original thinkers and important people in the coming months. Some will be winners and some . . . Well let’s some say will not.


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