Poll question of the Week

Last week we asked our readers to grade the race between appointed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and challenger Joe DioGuardi. 70% of the respondents believe Gillibrand will win — 46% by better than 10 percent; only 30% believe DioGuardi will pull the upset and only 4% by more than 10 percent.

This week we’re asking our readers if they are watching Spitzer/Parker — the new CNN talking heads show featuring our former governor and “conservative” columnist Kathleen Parker. I put quotes around “conservative” because having read Parker’s column from time to time, I would label her a moderate. Spitzer, who is supposed to be the liberal on the show, is probably farther left of center than she is right of center. But some people would say that pairing reflects CNN’s liberal bias.


One Response to Poll question of the Week

  1. Douglas Boettner says:

    I have not watched it as yet. I plan to. Still difficult for me to watch Spitzer do anything.He can make some good arguments, but his overall credibility with me is shot. Keeping am open mind, I will start watching it to see if I agree with your assessment.

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