Poll Question of the Week & Thanksgiving Message

Last week we asked our readers whether they thought the Indian Point Nuclear facility, which went into shutdown earlier this month due to the explosion of a transformer, should be shut down permanently, sooner or later.

The question generated a huge response from those who support Indian Point. They flooded the poll — which is fair and legal in this informal web polling business — getting 83% to vote against closing while only 2% voted to shut it down immediately and 11% voted to shut it down only when a suitable replacement source of energy is available. We’ll see how that impacts the governor-elect who has vowed to shut it down.

Poll Question for Thanksgiving Week

Are we going to be thankful for Charles Rangel’s contributions and say it’s time to step down or do we want to see a man whose conduct has put him on the path to be censured by the House of Representatives continue in office? Express your opinion in this week’s poll.

Thanksgiving Message from the Publisher/Editor

Since I have a lot to be thankful for, I’ll start expressing my appreciations early this year:

* My columnists — Doug Boettner, Paul Bray, Larry Hirsch and Stuart Brody. Thank you for your contributions during the past year. It takes courage and fortitude to express one’s views about the issues of the day in print. It’s a lot different from spouting off at the dinner table among friends. Thanks guys.

* My editors — Janet, Linda, Greg and Joe. Without you the Empire Page wouldn’t exist. You do an outstanding job. Thank you.

* My subscribers — To each and every person who subscribes to the Empire Page, I hope we can continue to exceed your requirements 365 days of the year. Thank you.

* My advertisers — Thank you for your insight. You understand that online advertising is the best way to reach audiences in the 21st century.

* Readers of My blog — I hope my efforts to share my insights have been worth the time you’ve taken to read my columns. 2011 promises to offer many opportunities to hold the actions of our elected and appointed officials up to the light. We’ll do our best at the Empire Page to keep that light shining brightly.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


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