Correction to State Taking

In my post about the state not renewing a lease on Sacandaga Lake, I had my facts wrong. The state took the property in question by eminent domain after the owners proved in court that they had a good title. That was a bad, unnecessary and abusive decision. It’s not too late to reverse it.

A further example where the state of New York needs to get out of its citizens’ business, is the Belleayre Ski Center. Currently run by DEC, a commission recently recommended putting it under control of ORDA – the Olympic Regional Development Authority. This is a bad idea. The entire property should be put up for sale period. The state will reap income now and will be relieved of future spending obligations that it has no business obligating itself to cover. Neither DEC or ORDA are the best choice to operate what should be a private business. A private owner will take the risk and will deserve the reward or lack thereof by virtue of his/her efforts and luck.

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