New Roundtable & Poll Question of the Week

Round Table Discussion

The Empire Page is launching a roundtable discussion on where NYS goes from here.

Here’s what we’ve asked our experts to comment on: Background: Most people agree that New York State under Andrew Cuomo’s leadership made progress in addressing the imbalance between the cost of our public sector and taxpayers’ ability to pay the freight. The question is what more can be accomplished given the state of the national economy? Two years into the recovery, the national economy is clearly weak and in danger of being dragged back into negative growth numbers by a combination of factors including debt crises in Europe and at home. Where does NYS go from here to boost economic growth, reverse the outmigration of businesses and middle class taxpayers while still meeting the needs of our citizens for police and fire protection, safe roads, good schools and other public goods?

The first postings will appear midweek. If you’d like to participate, email us at

Poll Question

Last week we asked our readers to evaluate Hugh Carey’s reputation. Was he (a) underrated, (b) smarter than he appeared, (c) tougher than he appeared, (d) all of the above, or (e) none of the above. 63% thought he was all three characterizations; 22% none of the three; 10% underrated, but not smarter or tougher and 2% smarter, but not tougher or underrated and 2% tougher, but not smarter or underrated.

This week we’re asking you what Andrew Cuomo should be focusing on right now: Is it (a) redistricting reform, (b) the economy, (c) next year’s budget, (d) all of the above or (e) none of the above.


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