Culture is Answer to Times Query

The NY Times wonders why no whistle blowers stepped forth to expose the massive defrauding of the public by employees of the Long Island Railroad.

Why indeed? Why is this not the only example of fraud in the public sector? Need a refresher? Read my post of September 19, 2010 for some other cases.

The problem is the culture of victim-hood and entitlement that permeates our society. Too many public sector employees apparently feel they are entitled to rip off the system. Too many are on “work-to-rule” when its to their benefit. Too many feel once you’ve been hired by the state, county or other government agency, you should be able to work their until you retire. Too many feel you need to commit murder in order to be fired from a public sector job and even then you get to keep your benefits.

That’s why people who see other people commiting fraud whether in such outrageous terms as the LIRR employees or just taking care of personal business on state time don’t blow the whistle…It’s because they think it’s okay. It’s because they’re doing it too.

There are exceptions of course. My hat’s off to those of you who resist ripping off the public, but the next time you see someone taking advantage of lax management, pick up your whistle and do the right thing.


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