Does Blackmail Work in Politics?

I’m a registered Independent for mutliple reasons–the primary one being that as the pubisher and editor of the non-partisan Empire Page website I don’t want to engage in partisan activities of any kind. As an independent I feel free to praise or criticize leaders of any political organization.

My focus today is on the blackmail position of Republican hopeful Ron Paul. His refusal to this point to agree NOT to run as an independent should send a clear signal to Republican primary voters that he is the last person they should consider as their nominee.

Blackmail is a threat that compells someone to do something they don’t want to do. In this case unless the Republicans nominate him Paul is threatening to sabatoge the Republican Party by running as on the Libertarian line.

Whether you like his politics or not I don’t see how any registered Republican could vote for him in a primary under those circumstances.

It’s fine that Paul is a fervent advocate for his libertarian point of view, but to place himself above the political party of which he is a member to me disqualifies him as a candidate for the office of the president.


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