Vote to keep CoBIS going or to shell it

NYS has spent more than $40 million according to the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association to collect identifying data from the shell casings of all new handguns sold in the state. The rationale for CoBIS (Combined Ballistic Identification System) was that by tracking shell markings police agencies would be able to solve more crimes and put more bad guys and gals behind bars. The folks at NYSRPA claim the expenditure has not resulted in a single arrest, much less a conviction for a crime. If this is not true, I hope some responsible person will contact us. NYSRPA argues in tough fiscal times NYS cannot afford to continue the program. Should the program be kept going or should we shell (I mean shelf) it? Vote now on the Empire Page’s poll question of the week.


12 Responses to Vote to keep CoBIS going or to shell it

  1. Jacob Rieper says:

    Why don’t you call the State Police yourself and ask for the information.

    One of the big obstacles to killing it is because CoBIS funding isn’t a separate line item in the state police’s budget and nobody in the legislature wants to be seen as cutting money for law enforcement. Everybody knows it’s a farce and total waste of police money and manpower but they’re going to keep it going because nobody wants to admit they screwed up.

  2. NY can not afford this pie in the sky useless database. It has cost way to much already and has not even come close to and arrest.

  3. Figuratively speaking, CoBis is a bust built on an empty shell — a nut rotted from the inside fouling the mouths of those who might eat what they find inside: it is time to shuck it.

    New York can no longer afford, not fiscally, not morally, to float programs that fail to respond to the public/private need for integrity in government — integrity that CoBis defies and that threatens to overwhelm trust in government. This is little different than posting 55 mph speed limits around municipalities in the pretention of safety, while allowing traffic to flow unobstructed at 65 to 72 mph, which is the common fact. [Note: The legal speed limit on most major highways in this state is posted at 65, but traffic can flow freely up to at least 74 mph on those highways without fear of citation by the State Police who seem to be everywhere in set speed traps.

    Law without enforcement is not law but lawlessness, the signature of criminality fed as the nourishment of the public. CoBis is insensible, “wish it were,” and at last it is lawless. Get rid of it.

  4. Eric Johnson says:

    CoBIS is far too expensive a project to keep funding in this time of economic strife. It has utterly failed in any of the stated goals and been of no help whatsoever to the law enforcement community. It must be dumped NOW!

  5. Pete Pappas says:

    Every new gun sold in NY State is entered in the wasteful CoBIS database…. The thing is, every new gun sold in NY State is registered to a LAW-ABIDING-CITIZEN who with 99+% certainty will NOT use it in a crime.

    SO – It’s absolutely no surprise that CoBIS has been a complete waste of taxpayer’s money.

    Remember – guns brought into NY by criminals – ARE NOT RUN THROUGH CoBIS… seems kinda obvious, it’s not about crime, it’s about subjecting the Law-Abiding-gun-owner to more expense and difficulty in exercising their constitutional RIGHTS. Trying to make it too difficult and complicated (just look at our ridiculous licensing system! especially in NYC!) so as to deter Law-Abiding-Citizens from owning firearms.

  6. Kevin W Dix says:

    I was involved in LE training of officers with BATFE when NYS began putting COBIS together.
    In conversation with firearms forensic techs from BATFE and they stated that they had informed NYS when asked by NYS officials that the COBIS program was a bust from the start and offered to bring NYS into the NIBIN system at it’s inception.
    I have previously contacted my legislators regarding this and the need for closure of the COBIS system.
    I am a LE firearms professional with thirty years experience in the training of officers and armorers service and provideing evidence for DA’s in my county.

  7. kinger1911 says:

    COBIS was sold to the politicians and police departments as the technology that would solve all their gun crimes. At the time the NYSRPA explained with pertinent and verifiable data that COBIS would not work. Now 11 years later Mayor Bloomberg and many Liberal politicians, the Association of Chiefs of Police and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence are pushing for microstamping another expensive piece of technology that only works in the mind of the inventor. This legislation if passed into law will be another hole that money is thrown into by the bushel full.

    It has been reported from reliable sources that COBIS shells are no longer being entered into the data base and that the money budgeted for COBIS is in fact being used for other purposes by the State Police. Also why hasn’t New Yorker’s Against Gun Violence being held accountable for the extraordinary amount of money wasted on COBIS; after all they were the prime supporter of the legislation. Maybe they should pay the $40 million back to the tax payers of New York State.

    Tom King
    New York State Rifle & Pistol Association

  8. This system is an utter waste of taxpayer dollars and resources, and does nothing to combat crime. It is programs like this, when proven to be totally ineffective to the point of having absolutely no convictions of anyone for anything in over 10 years, that show the true colors of the anti-gun establishment when they continue to support and even call for its expansion. Keeping this system and continuing to bilk taxpayers so some anti-gun nut politician can have his or her “feel good” legislation is irresponsible, unacceptable, and reprehensible, even more so given the difficult economic times. Incidentally, this response is from a police officer, and I can personally attest that this system is a complete failure and waste.

  9. COBIS like Microstamping is a gun controlist boondoggle. New York State cannot afford to waste any more funds on the likes of them.

  10. Although I subscribe to email services of both pro- and anti-gun control advocates I have not seen any reports from any source of any positive results from the COBIS program since its inception. I have little doubt that Mayors against illegal guns would be touting even the smallest success of COBIS but they remain tight lipped about the performance of this program. Whereas COBIS only applies to firearms sold in NYS, and all authorities seem to agree that nearly all crime guns are smuggled into NYS from states that do not participate in COBIS, it seems unlikely that this state-based program has even the slightest hope for success. (Does even California share its data base with NYS? I’ve not heard of any inter-state cooperation of any kind.) COBIS appears to be another pork type project intended simply to support pro gun control advocacy by rewarding like minded people with employment; people who then have self-serving personal financial motives, rather than rational law enforcement reasons, to want to continue the program. Perhaps you will recall what is said of people who continue to engage in unsuccessful behavior while expecting a different result.

  11. pags363 says:

    I urge everyone to find and view John Stossel’s report on the utter futility of gun control from several years ago. In it he interviewed politicians, firearm’s owners, people who did not own firearms and finally prisoners convicted of various crimes in which firearms played a role. As you can predict the prisoners cared little about gun laws, one saying, “What gun laws?” bragging that he could go to his local street corner and get a “piece” for $250. Politicians and non-firearms owners all believed that the laws made a difference, even when confronted by statistical evidence that they don’t.

    CoBIS is a placebo. It’s fake medicine trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. It makes those who wear blinders to the reality of life fell like the’ve done something to help society. I believe the actual costs associated with the initial setup of CoBIS and maintaining it far exceed the $40 million quoted by NYSRPA. It is a tremendous economic burden in very lean times, it time to stop throwing good money after bad.

  12. For information on CoBIS go to:
    Cobis has not been a waste of time and money. CoBIS has proved one thing but it is not what the anti-gun people like. After almost 11 years, tens of millions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of man hours spent, and over 360,000 entered into the computer we can say with 100% accuracy that guns that are legally owned by law abiding gun owners who legally purchased them are not used in random crimes. The anti-gun people were hoping that they would be able to find at least one legally owned gun that someone used in a random crime/shooting/murder so that they could promote more gun control and bans but the opposite is what they got. Micro stamping is based on the same idea just a different method and it will fail as badly but the anti-gun people can not see that. NYAGV, Brady and all of the anti-gun groups have been lying all of these years about Cobis and the press never asked them, “where are all of the solved crimes, criminals and arrest you said that we would have?” When the bill was first proposed they supported it and said that it would solve crimes and was needed but it would take 3 years before it would start showing success but the program needed to be expanded to include all guns but was a good “first step.” After 3 years they said the same thing but CoBIS would take 5 years but it was a a great program that was needed, they said the same after 5 years, 9 years and now 11 years but NY is broke because of all the money that they have wasted over the years on CoBIS and other worthless programs and now we can’t afford programs like CoBIS that have been shown to be a total waste from their start. Even today if you call up NYAGV and other anti-gun people and groups they will say that we still need CoBIS, it just needs more time. As far as NIBIN, I hate to tell everyone but CoBIS can never share their data base with NIBIN and that is Federal law. What can be done is looking at NIBIN with CoBIS but guess what, they have been doing that for years and they have never matched a CoBIS shell case with a NIBIN shell case.

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