Welcome City & State

The people of New York State owe a big thank you to Manhattan Media for continuing to promote the kind of journalism that is needed to protect the public from the politicians. Their combined publication City & State continues to provide the kind of investigative reporting that is essential in a democracy where the average citizen doesn’t have the time (or the skills frankly) to see through the curtain of rhetoric our political system engenders.

Take today’s story by Chris Bragg — Martin Golden’s Member Items Help Group That Helps Him. Bragg exposes how member items are used by elected officials like Martin Golden (D-Brooklyn) to help themselves in the name of helping their communities. Read the article to learn exactly how Golden runs this scam.

Whether technically legal or not, it is the self-serving use of taxpayer funds like this that is behind the anger voters feel towards elected officials. Whether they express their anger by joining the tea party movement or sleeping in a tent in some public park, they are right to be angry.

Thank you Manhattan Media. We look forward to more stories like this in the future.


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