Redistricting: Democracy’s Omlet

The new legislative maps are out and everyone is critical of them. They protect incumbents. They favor the other Party. They cut up some communities and fail to unite others.

The truth of the matter is that fair redistricting is an oxymoron, just as is a fair tax code, but that doesn’t stop people from getting on their high horses, issuing press releases and crying foul.

What is sheer lunacy is the idea that it will be any different if the process is turned over to an “independent” commission. First, independent is a one-word oxymoron. There is no such animal as an impartial, independent human being other than those who occupy boot hill. Second, the outcome will always be “unfair,” because fairness is a subjective value. It has never existed, it does not exist today and it never will exist.

Can the system be made fairer — i.e., slightly better? Maybe, maybe not…and probably only for a short period of time before “unfairness” wins out. But that is the essence of democracy–the worst system of government ever invented …except for all the rest.

Let’s stop playing the redistricting is unfair game and focus on what is fair and good — namely that we live in a society where each person has the right to free speech, where each person has the right to run for office and where each person gets one vote.

So, if you don’t like the proposed boundaries, the thing to do is work harder to win the election without regard to whether the voters are too white or too rich or too Republican. Treat the voters in your district as if each one of them is open to being persuaded that you are the right person to represent them in whatever body you are running for. Honor democracy and quit whinning. I for one don’t want to hear it.


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