School Dropout Poll Results + This Week’s Poll Question

Empire Page readers favor Pres. Obama’s admonition to states to raise the drop-out age to 18 by 67% to 25% opposed and 8% having no opinion. Truthfully, however, it’s a hard position to argue against without appearing to be a died-in-the-wool libertarian — i.e., someone who might argue mandatory schooling is an affront to human liberty.

This week we’re asking people to stick out their thumbs and tells us where things stand with NYS’s economy: Is is “on the mend,” “moving sideways,” or “getting worse.” Vote today at the Empire Page website and while you’re there if you’re not already a subscriber why not take out a free trial subscription. Just click on the subscribe link at the top of the page.

We’re certain once you try the Empire Page, you’ll want to subscribe to be able to access each day’s links to hundreds of news stories, editorials and columns divided by topic and news source. The cost is only $95/year, which amounts to $0.26/day.


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