Who’s the Target?

Robert Megna, director of the NYS Division of the Budget, issued a statement today (Feb. 7, 2012) which says in its totality:

“We can no longer abide by the Albany status quo that allows for out of control spending and contracting that wastes taxpayer dollars. To avoid cuts in services, local aid or tax increases, the Executive Budget directs State agencies to be more efficient and focuses resources on their core programs and services. The flexibility language will allow for a range of operational measures and will improve functions such as procurement, real estate, and information technology.”

My question is who is this directed at? Doesn’t he already have the authority to require agencies to follow existing laws and procedures to accomplish exactly what he’s asking for? What changes does he expect to occur as a result of people reading this statement? Given where we are in the current budget year, is he talking about preparing for the 2012-2013 budget year that begins October 1 or about making changes to the budget currently under review?


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