Editorial Policy on the Empire Page

In the aftermath of removing a separate page of headline links from the Empire Page, this is a good time to review the Empire Page’s “editorial policy”.

The Empire Page is a non-partisan news aggregator that focuses primarily on NYS government and politics. Each day we provide subscribers links to on average 300 news stories, editorials and opinion columns drawn from dozens of news outlets (at a cost of about a quarter a day).

In terms of editorials and columns, we post links to all editorials and columns published in the 60 or so news outlets that we monitor unless the subject is apolitical and intensely local. For example, we will skip the mandatory editorial warning drivers to look out for school kids that appears in most local dailies each September and the mandatory editorial telling people to remember the spirit of Christmas is not how many presents you give or receive.

The media we monitor is an ever-changing list. The primary criteria is that the paper posts their content on a schedule — daily or weekly, that the content is fresh (not delayed weeks after it appeared in print) and that they cover NYS government and politics. Thus, we don’t cover arts publications because even though they may from time to time touch on government and the arts, that’s not their main fare. We welcome suggestions for additional media outlets that meet those criteria.

Guest Editorials

The Empire Page prints guest editorials on a first come, first printed basis. The criteria is that the piece must be non-partisan, about NYS and under 1500 words. We occasionally reprint a piece that has appeared elsewhere, but prefer original contributions.

Empire Page Blogs (formerly Columns)

The Empire Page has openings for observers of NYS government and politics who would like a platform. The criteria for being chosen are quality of writing, willingness to contribute on a consistent basis, ability to post content directly to a submission website (Word Press), and ability to provide interesting commentary on NYS topics. Apply to editor@empirepage.com.


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