Limbaugh’s Mistake

Rush Limbaugh made a mistake, but it was not the general point he was making — i.e., criticizing the Georgetown Law Student who wants the university to pay for her contraception. He was right — not just because Georgetown is a Catholic Institution. In my opinion neither Georgetown, nor any other college or university, should pay for a student’s contraception as part of their health insurance.

Limbaugh’s mistake was not letting his audience draw their own conclusions. All he had to do was point out the facts — that the need for contraception is not a health matter but a personal life style choice. If students are adult enough to decide whether they want to engage in heterosexual activity, then they ought to accept the responsibility for paying for that choice.

Personally I’m opposed to covering viagara as well as contraception. I’d also probably eliminate coverage for a dozen other lifestyle choices from mandated health coverage. Adding those coverages is a major reason health insurance is so expensive.


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