Be Like Barack?

Will Andrew Cuomo follow the example of Barack Obama and try to use his administrative authority to implement something he can’t get passed the constitutional way?

Advocates of an increase in the state’s minimum wage law have suggested Cuomo do an end around on the State Senate which opposes the measure as threatening small business and jobs.

This observer feels it is unlikely that Cuomo will do so, however. He certainly might have tried something like that when he was younger, but he’s much too smart to jeopardize his own career by playing footloose and fancy-free with the state constitution.

The opening Dean Skelos has given the governor and the State Assembly looks like a more appealing alternative. Skelos has suggested the Senate might stomach the minimum raise hike if offset by targeted tax breaks. Of course that would mean Cuomo would have to find ways to reduce state spending. Such a compromise would likely help the Republican Party hold onto the Senate in November. As a result, the most likely outcome is that neither gets done in 2012.


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