Benghazi: The Tragedy That Will End Hillary Clinton’s Political Career

If Hillary Clinton has been thinking these past four years that she could run for President in 2016, Benghazi has killed her chances. Her first mistake was to repeat the fiction that the events that led to the death of the American ambassador to Libya and three other Americans came as a result of a protest of an anti-Islam video. We now know there was no such protest. Rather the attack on the American embassy was a planned action by terrorists affiliated with al Qaeda. But she’d made two huge mistakes prior to that falsehood. First, she ignored Ambassador’s Steven’s requests for more security at the embassy; second, she ignored the warnings that anti-American groups were planning actions on the anniversary of 9/11.

The Obama’s administration handling of these events mirrors the mishandling by the Carter administration of the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Teheran. It shows gross incompetence at the minimum.

Not only did the administration fail to heed the ambassador’s pleas; not only did they fail to heed the 9/11 anniversary warnings, but they tried to shift the blame for their failures first onto the film maker and then onto Mitt Romney for “politicizing” the death of Americans. That also is a lie because Romney’s statement came after the protests in Cairo and were made prior to the events in Libya. The only way the administration can tar Romney with Libya is by falsifying the timing of the events. On all counts their behavior has been disgraceful.

The 47 Percent Problem

Mitt Romney’s remarks last spring in answer to a question about election strategy were unfortunate if he believed at the time that everyone on the government teat lacks political independence. The general point he was making however has an element of truth. Too many people in America today would rather live off the government than support themselves by taking available jobs.

My evidence? There are today 600,000 unfilled manufacturing jobs. I can’t believe that the job requirements for those positions are such that none of the 23 million un- and under-employed Americans qualify.

The sad truth of the matter is that too many people prefer collecting unemployment, welfare and food stamps.

That unfortunately includes too many people collecting disability. There’s a big racket for people who want to collect disability that involves fake accidents and fake doctor’s reports. I remember an employee years ago bragging about how her boyfriend faked hurting himself on the job so that he could collect disability. He was out for two years and I believe he received free tuition to attend the local community college.

There is also another rarely discussed factor in all of this––the underground economy. How many of those who are collecting unemployment are working jobs off the books? The number is probably in the millions because in some parts of the country working off the books is a way of life.

Believe it or not, the underground economy also extends to the retail sector. A friend told me about the time she was considering purchasing some flooring. After discussing options with a store owner, she was told there were two prices: if she paid cash she wouldn’t be charged sales tax. In other words the store owner was not going to report the sale as income, thus lowering her taxes and was not going to collect or pay state sales tax if the customer paid cash.

The underground economy puts the lie to unemployment statistics and politicians who campaign on behalf of the 47%. That, however, doesn’t excuse Mitt Romney if his intent was to lump everyone who lives off government payments in the same pile. People who collect social security are getting back what they paid into the system and of course soldiers are being paid for serving their country. I’m sure Mitt understands that was an error in judgment––one however that pales in comparison to the Obama administration’s handling of the tragedy in Libya.


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