Did Rochester Kill Kodak?

January 13, 2012

Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes Magazine and self-appointed technology guru, argues in a Wall Street Journal op ed piece that the staid business environment of Rochester contributed to Kodak’s ill-fated decision to stick with film instead of pushing heavily into digitial cameras.

“Kodak’s other structural problem is geography,” Karlgaard writes. “When you study the history of great American companies that stumbled and failed, or only partially recovered, you see how difficult it is to overcome the mindset of your immediate surroundings. Businesses located in places where success is the norm, and innovation is built into the ecology, have a better chance of fixing themselves.”

What do you think? Is Karlgaard onto something or is he blaming the victim?


The Wall Street Journal agrees with me on Ron Paul

December 21, 2011

In an editorial today, the WSJ makes the same point I made a week ago. Under the title of “Ron Paul Nader?” they state that Paul “owes the GOP voters a straight answer on a third-party run.”

And, the Journal finally made the obvious point on the payroll tax imbroglio, that the problem largely derives from the lack of courage on the part of the GOP members of Congress. Instead of being trapped by President Obama into opposing a “tax cut,” the GOP has been afraid to remind the American public that the 2 percent reduction in their payroll taxes was passed as a temporary one-year measure and that the country has to borrow money from the Chinese and others to pay for it.

The question they should be putting to the public is do you want the temporary cut continued if it means your grandchildren will have to pay for it plus interest down the road?